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People Free Dog Friendly Glamping

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Glamping has never been more sought after than right now

The question is... do you want to share your experience with only those you pick? 

We believe every human relationship needs time to reconnect and rediscover its meaning and thrill.

Time to love, time to uncover more intimacy, strength and depth together. 

And that means just you, your favourite weirdo and the dogs.


For ten years, we’ve crafted, honed and perfected an alternate world of simple pleasure in West Wales, where you can escape everyday pressures, find peace and release the romantic adventurer inside you. All while doing some good in the world by supporting grassroots projects in Malawi.


It’s a place of no compromise, where comfort and style merge with the beautiful simplicity of Welsh nature. 


We have left nothing out. 


Because we want to raise the bar in traditional glamping, giving you an overwhelming connecting and freeing experience where healing and adventure are at the heart of your stay, something akin to “Bear-Grylls meets the Hilton”.


Privacy means the dogs can enjoy lead free time and all the glamping essentials and luxuries are yours and yours only to enjoy. 

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Our 3 private glamping hideaways


Our exclusive Cabin and Hot tub overlooks the valley. Sleeps a family of 5,  plus pets.

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Our private Country Yurt and Hot tub set in a sweeping garden. Sleeps 4, plus pets.


Tucked away, the Yurt Hideaway and hot tub is truly a romantic escape. Sleep 2, plus pets.


Don’t just take our word for it
Here is the hiraeth our guests discovered when they escaped to The Welsh Farm:

Mae + Ryan and the pup!

"Thank you! We have had the most amazing stay and really enjoyed not doing a lot. It's a very different get away to what we are used to, however we feel alot more relaxed and have loved using the hot tub and pizza oven. The woodland walk was lovely and our pup loved the use of the stream! The weather has been perfect for us and we have really found ourselves this holiday. We will definitely be returning again!" 




(especially in the context of Wales or Welsh culture) A deep longing for something, a moment full of connection.  A yearning for something that feels almost out of reach, yet calls out to be found & re-ignited.

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A brave boy a wild girl and a family adventure


In 2010 Joe and I were rookie glampers. We took our student heads out of books and lectures for a weekend and escaped to a pretty wagon parked up in a garden in West Wales. 


Back then, you could only adventure to rustic tipis, wagons and the odd basic yurt.


And guess what? That little wagon oozed potential and charm; immediately, we knew what we wanted to do.


Unemployed uni grads, broke and naive, we started to dream! At that moment we knew we loved it and others would love it too. And it would give us two precious freedoms: time to travel off-season and finance to help support our community development work in Malawi.


Fast forward twelve(ish) years and we have two beautiful yurts and, our third hideaway is our parents cosy cabin. Each provides you with luxury and simplicity.  The key to swapping your everyday grind for magical much-needed moments.  Return home with the wild wind in your hair and a spring in your step.

5 reasons to disappear on a whim or craft a perfectly executed escape to The Welsh Farm


With glamping sites popping up two a penny. The question is, will you take the plunge into a fully immersive glamping experience where nothing is shared and everything is included?


Three idyllic, private settings, where you can glamp where nobody is watching. 


Help the world while you hot tub. 20% of our profits change people’s lives.  Your stay plants trees and supports students through secondary school in Malawi


We wouldn’t go on holiday without our pups, so why should we expect you to? All paw-friends and fur babies are welcome.


Step into your wild side, we’ve layered in the luxuries, but left a sprinkle of adventure. How good are your wood-chopping skills? 

With three different private hideaway sites to choose from, you are bound to find your perfect escape.

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