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No Stress, No Drama. Just Glamping Goodness

So spoil yourself silly in love and wild serenity.

If you wanted to land and nest for three days, you could.  At The Welsh Farm your every need is thought of, and every expense is included in your stay, so there isn’t anything you need to add.




Those decadent unnecessary extras are how treats are defined, like chocolate kisses on top of a gateau.

If you have magical or romantic ideas for a special occasion, we can help you bring them to life ready for your arrival. 

If you are still wondering what a chocolate kiss may look like during your stay with us, we have two lovingly put-together hampers available.

Fireside Hamper

Not for the faint of heart, our fireside hamper calls for you to exercise those desert island skills and make a fire big enough and warm enough to take the edge off a Welsh evening and give you a long luxurious night star gazing, roasting marshmallows and sipping on (spiked) hot chocolates. With an interlude in the hot tub. 




Crwst hot chocolate

Crwst caramel spread (Hot chocolate flavouring)

Roasting marshmallows

Mini Marshmallows

Cradocks oat crackers

Little Croft chocolate

Telescopic roasting sticks


Crwst Pancake Kit.png
Crwst Pancake open kit.png

Enjoy CRWST signature pancakes in the natural comfort of The Welsh Farm!  Just add your own butter, milk & eggs and follow the instructions...

This set comes with a jar of award-winning Sea Salted Caramel.

  • 1 Bag of CRWST Dry Mix

  • 1 Bag of Chocolate Buttons

  • 1 Jar of CRWST Sea Salted Caramel

  • 1 Recipe Card

Makes 16-24 pancakes, depending on portion size.


Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 12.58.20.png
Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 12.58.28.png
Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 12.58.11.png

Crwst Hot Chocolate or Siocled Poeth in Welsh. Guest's call it "The best hot chocolate we've ever tasted".

You can order it, ready and waiting for you at the Welsh Farm Glamping...

Vegan Hot Chocolate also available.


Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 14.09.20.png
Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 14.09.30.png
Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 14.09.40.png

Indulge in the warmth of Welsh baking tradition with a Crwst Afternoon Tea Baking Kit, featuring ingredients to create a delicious Sticky Bara Brith and over 20 chocolate chip Welsh cakes. Elevate your tea time delight with a jar of award winning Welsh Honey Butter, included for a touch of sweet luxury!

  • 1 Bag of Bara Brith Dry Mix

  • 1 Bag of Mixed Fruit

  • 1 Bag of Welsh Cake Dry Mix

  • 1 Bag of Chocolate Buttons

  • 1 Jar of CRWST Welsh Honey Butter

  • Crwst Afternoon Loose Leaf Tea Blend (for 2)

  • Baking Banneton

  • 1 Recipe Card

Makes 1 Sticky Bara Brith + 20 Chocolate Chip Welsh Cakes


To add one of our beautiful hampers or breakfasts to your stay, select your dates and move through our online booking process, adding them to the checkout before processing your payment. 


Or drop us an email, and we can arrange to add one to your stay.


For any special requests or grand romantic gestures, please email or call us. 



Llawer o gariad pawb x

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