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The Country Yurt

Here you'll discover the same refreshing and invigorating recharge that hundreds of guests before you have found, time and time again.


We thought up our perfect getaway and then decided to create it, so everything you need for a stay away from home is either inside or outside the Yurt, from champagne glasses to egg cups, we have it covered.  So all you need to bring are the dogs, whatever the weather clothes, some good food and yourselves...

So enjoy every minute, raise a glass to good times and snuggle up by the fire. 


Challenge each other to a battle of British-made board games. Sit down for a softly lit dinner for two (or more) at our reclaimed and restored pine table. 


A good night's sleep is almost a given when you tuck up in a hand-crafted oak king-size bed, with a heated dual-control mattress, whilst the leaves rustle in the trees outside.


Your kitchen is inside the yurt, with a fridge and gas hob (all pots, pans, plates, mugs etc. are there too). Your private bathroom and shower are found a stone's throw from the door, in a rustic wooden "washhouse", along with natural shower gels and bathrobes.

Everything you need for an unmatched escape.


And outside the Yurt? 


Step back into the simple life, where lighting fires, swinging in the hammock and chopping kindling are second nature.

You'll figure out the exact way to master the art of woodfired pizza and roast the perfect marshmallow.

Truthfully, nothing is more satisfying than discovering you can light a fire with flint and sticks. Your fire will crackle away into the evening against the dramatic backdrop of our beautifully illuminated old ash tree. And nothing is more romantic than a softly lit dinner under our outdoor pendant lights, accompanied by the dance of fire flames teasing the darkness of the night sky.


When you are ready, turn off the lights and lie in wait, as the night sky filled with shooting stars and mesmerising Milky Way unveil themselves. 

Tucked away on the site are your own vegetable garden, fruit trees, and chickens for fresh eggs in the morning.


It is idyllic, an authentic taste of escape to the countryside.

There is a lot to delight in, and we don't want to give too much away on these pages...


The Yurt Hideaway

Smaller, yet even more secluded than the Country Yurt, you’ll wonder where you’re going as you approach the Yurt Hideaway and whether you’ve lost yourselves entirely in the depths of Wales.


Keep going, trust your gut and dig deep into the adventure


Every so often, a remote reset to overcome overwhelm and burn-out is essential. 


You, a heart-centred, sustainably-minded, adventure-loving human and your better half, deserve to experience a dreamy romantic disconnect from the world. 


So bring your warms, your dogs, your wet weather wellies and delicious edibles, because we’ve got the rest covered. 


Insulated mugs, coffee percolators and frying pans are at the ready.  Along with armfuls of blankets, a woodburning fire and a board game or two. 


Outside the yurt doesn’t disappoint, the hot tub bubbles away waiting for you to gaze at the Milky Way.  The firepit and pizza oven invite you to cook up a storm and a stone’s throw away is the made-on-the-farm shepherd’s hut washroom. 


There is no compromise. 


So strip back the stress, let go and embrace a whirlwind of romance and adventure.


The Chestnut Cabin

Larger than the yurts, the Cabin is a romantic bolt-hole to beat burnout and embrace re-connection and self-discovery as a couple or family- fur family included.


Sometimes our desire to be wholly released and removed from “normal life” doesn’t stop at ourselves.


It’s a family affair and together you can do something wild, steeped in wonder and delight at the world around you


The Cabin is a charming place where whiling away hours watching birds, baking homemade cookies and jumping in a hot tub fill your heart right up to satisfied. 

Everything and more can be found at the Cabin, from weighing scales and mixing bowls to tea trays and champagne flutes. 

A good night’s sleep can’t be helped when your evenings are filled with fire, wholesome food and shooting star gazing in the hot tub.  Your days are packed with adventure, either at the cabin or on a wild and windy coastal walk of your choosing.

Outside the Cabin the pizza oven calls, or maybe a delightful game of very British croquet? 

The adventure doesn’t stop at the cabin, dive down to the woods on the farm and discover a host of hidden woodland animals along the way. We bet you won’t find them all…

It is the perfect place to keep the home fire burning. 


Oh and don’t forget to pack your wellingtons and sunglasses, you are after all visiting Wales and its infamous weather.


Nominate someone you love who desperately needs a moment to catch their breath. 

This form has now closed and will re-open in October

Cost of living has hit us all hard. If you need to press the pause button for a few days but financially it's a pipe dream, then either you can nominate yourself or if it's easier ask a friend to nominate you.  


Tell us a little bit about why you/your nomenee need a break and upload any supporting evidence. This is not mandatory, but if you do add a document, please blot out any personal/sensitive details beyond your name. 

If you are applying on behalf of someone, please make sure you have the consent of your nominee to share their story with us.

The form submissions will be held for the duration of our application process, then deleted. Only Joe, Beth, Row and John will be reading the applications.


We gift two stays a year, announced via email in July and December.


Apply for a gifted stay here:
Upload File

Thank you for aplying. We are so excited to be able to offer a free escape to The Welsh Farm, as you know we give away two each year. We will get in touch via email in either July or December if you've been gifted a stay.

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