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You are going to need gloves and wellies for this one. 

It’s not glam, OK? Camping just isn’t. EVEN when we throw in a hot tub, hot water and all the little extras. At the end of the day, you are going to end up a bare-footed wild wo(men) with grass in your hair and mud on your feet.

It is what it is. And it’s good.

Hike the woods, swim in the sea, get sand everywhere imaginable and let go of stress and tension. Glamping gives you those extra luxuries, it hands you the keys to fully reset and relax - but only if you are willing to grab hold of the wild and embrace it.

If you are staying in April, May or June, then you’ve got to find three things:

Wild Garlic (April/May)

Nettles ( April/May)

Elderflower (June)

The first find: Wild foraged Garlic

I fermented wild garlic for the first time. Usually, I make a pesto, sling it into a salad or lightly steam it, to melt on buttered toast. 

Jar of fermenting wild garlic

But this year, I fermented it. 

I was given Sel Gris Marin (grey salt). Pfwwwarrr is the word I would use to describe the flavour of the salt, but also what it does to food! 

So naturally, I used it to ferment my wild garlic and I can tell you- the sweet aroma that now rises off my jar of garlic is incredible and the taste <<mwah emoji>>

Again, I put it on toast. Who wouldn’t! 

Here’s the most interesting part - the process is ridiculously easy. Like when I first made Sloe Gin. 

My ethos when it comes to using any ingredients (especially found naturally)is ease.

Safe to say I will be making this again- and lots of it! 

Here’s the link to the step-by-step recipe I used. I didn’t create my own or reinvent the wheel. I used this guy’s webpage and it was very informative. 

And next, the infamous wild foraged Elderflower. 

So this one is still wild, you will need your wellies. If you want to pick elderflower on the farm, let us know and we will make sure you are picking Sambus Nigra, the freshest and tastiest elderflower there is to be found.

Making wild foraged elderflower cordial, bottles lined up on table, person holding jug and filling bottles

Use it on the day you pick it. Bring a large old water bottle from home to take it back with you. 

Be sure to bring the basic ingredients with you.

I’ll give you my recipe and method, because the truth is I HAVE reinvented the wheel on this one and I’ve not found an elderflower nicer. 

My recipe was given to me by a friend of my mothers and I’ve tweaked it over the years since.

My secret is always to over-do the number of elderflower heads 🙂

5L water

5Kg sugar

Half campden tablet (optional)

70 elderflower heads

6 mixed lemons and limes - unwaxed. 

25-75g citric acid (optional)

The closest recipe I’ve seen to mine is River Cottage, it’s a smaller batch, so probably easier to follow if you’re making it glamping.


Boil the water, Don’t over boil or you’ll lose volume and dissolve the sugar.

Take off the heat and let it cool a tad or you’ll burn the elderflower. 

Throw in your chopped lemon, limes, tablet, and elderflower.

Let it steep for the rest of your stay- 2-3 days. 

I do a taste test. 

Drain the liquid cordial into a fresh pot, I use a cheesecloth and sieve.

This next step is optional. If you want to bottle for longevity and you are at home, oven-bake the bottles, re-boil the liquid cordial and funnel the cordial into the sterilsed bottles. I use a hand corker to finish them off. 

Then serve 1 part cordial to 5 parts water, or taste preference! 

You’ll need to bring: 

  • Cheesecloth

  • Sugar

  • Citric acid (optional)

  • Lemons and limes

  • Bottles 

  • Campden tablet (optional)

Or make it at home, if you know where to find an elderflower tree… 

Last and NEVER least - Nettles

Nettles to me mean green pasta. I bet you didn’t see that one coming! It was lockdown that got me into nettles. 

Fresh nettle pasta sheet placed over a pasta machine

I clearly had some extra time on my hands. 

The main attraction of these prickly fiends that usually cause tears… 

It’s their super health properties. Like if you eat nettles, your skin glows youthfully and you start levitating. 

No you don’t.

But they are really good for you. 

TBH when I looked online to do something with the nettles, everything was all teas and soups, neither of which took my fancy in spring- not hot weather friendly. 

And it just so happened that over lockdown I was making fresh pasta (yes, time - if it makes you feel better - I haven’t made it in about a year).

So I decided to boil, squeeze and blend nettles into my fresh pasta. And then make nettle stamps in the pasta using the leaves (so cute I know - it was a wave of rare genius). 

wild foraged nettles made into green fresh pasta hand cut into thick strips

Green fresh homemade nettle pasta with wild garlic pesto,  wild garlic garnish

It was a family hit. (Whipped up a wild garlic pesto too)

So, if teas and soups don’t cut it for you either- go big and make pasta! 

I used a spinach recipe like this one and substituted the spinach for nettles.

But then I found Hank when researching this wild forages blog. He's done a proper nettle recipe!

Happy foraging and don’t forget to book your wild adventure at the Welsh Farm Glamping. 

(Camping for people who love the idea of getting WILD, but have mum-bodies that could do with a comfy bed).

Cariad mawr, 


P.S. Fancy chatting? You’ll find us in our Instagram DMs.


Wild, dog-friendly and adventurous - but what if I don’t have pets?

You are in the right place: Find out exactly what your glamping stay at the Welsh Farm could look like.

Outside glamping, lights hanging from trees with pizza oven and outdoor fire  under huge tree

“How many dogs do you allow? Is it secluded? What does secluded mean? We want to get lost in nature, relax and we don’t want to see humans or animals …”

We’ve got you covered. Dive into our FAQs - where all your questions will be answered. If you can’t find the answer quickly, email us and we will get in touch straight away. And add it to our FAQs!

The Welsh Farm is made up of three VERY separate sites. They are all in private, people-free spaces, where you won’t see another soul - unless you choose to. 

We’ve kept the rustic vibe of camping and being one with nature. Light fires, flex your muscles and chop wood, it’s simple living. But at the same time we’ve added luxuries like hot tubs and electric heated blankets!

It’s perfect for people who crave disconnection and want that feeling of being light and free. In love, fully rested and at peace. 

Glamping goodness.

Amazingly, the spaces we’ve created not only calm humans, but dogs, too. We wouldn’t want a staycation without our dogs, so we don’t expect you to leave them behind either. Reactive dogs included. 

All the glamping sites will be fenced by: 

1st May 2024 - Country Yurt and Chestnut Cabin

1st June 2024 - The Yurt Hideaway

In the same breath, if you don’t have dogs and like pet-free holidays, then the sites serve you equally well, as they are private and exclusively yours, you will get the peace and reset you came here for. 

Find your way around quickly with our Table of Contents:

Questions about bookings at The Welsh Farm

Questions about on-site facilities at The Welsh Farm

Questions about nearby The Welsh Farm

Questions about dogs & reactive dogs at The Welsh Farm

FAQs about bookings at The Welsh Farm Glamping

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel prior to the final payment date, only your initial booking fee will be retained. If you cancel 1-4 weeks prior to your holiday, we reserve the right to retain your full booking. 

However if your dates are re-sold last minute, we will offer a partial refund, taking into account the cost difference between bookings (more detail can be found in our Ts and Cs).

How do we make a booking?

I’ve paid my deposit, when do I have to pay the final balance?

Do you offer gift vouchers?

How can we contact you if we have questions regarding our upcoming stay?

Are children permitted?

Is your site pet-friendly?

How many dogs do you allow?

Is your site accessibility friendly?

What is the difference between the two yurts? 

What time is check-in and departure?

What happens if I arrive after hours?

Is early check-in available?

Questions about on-site facilities at The Welsh Farm Glamping

A glamping yurt interior with oak kind size bed, wooden lattice surround  and kitchen

What do I need to bring with me?

You need to bring your food, wellies, coats, beach towels, swim shorts and condiments (salt, pepper, sauces, flour for the pizza oven) for the yurts. The Cabin has some condiments provided.

What is provided in the accommodation?


Inside: We provide all bedding, plus bathrobes and towels for the hot tub/shower (please bring towels for the beach). 

The kitchen has pots, pans, bowls, plates, crockery, grater, coffee plunger, tea pot, knives, bottle openers, peelers etc. You shouldn’t need to bring anything. There is a two ring gas stove, stove kettle and a fridge (no freezer). 

Outside: you have a BBQ, pizza oven and potjie pot for stew cooking over the fire. At the Country Yurt you have chickens and vegetables (seasonally available)

Bathrooms: We provide bodywash/shampoo, hand wash and toilet roll.

Dogs: We provide one dog bed, treat bag, towel and bowl.


Inside: We provide all bedding and towels for the hot tub/shower (please bring towels for the beach). 

The kitchen has pots, pans, bowls, plates, crockery, grater, coffee plunger, tea pot, knives, bottle openers, peelers etc. You shouldn’t need to bring anything. There is a gas stove and oven, stove kettle, electric kettle, microwave, fridge and freezer. 

Outside: you have a BBQ and pizza oven. 

Bathrooms: We provide bodywash/shampoo, hand wash and toilet roll.

Dogs: We provide one dog bed, treat bag, towel and bowl.

Are facilities shared?

Are there bathroom facilities outside?

Are there laundry facilities onsite (or laundrette nearby?).

There are no laundry facilities onsite, there is a coinwash in Carmarthen town centre. along with shops and a dog friendly cafe.

Is smoking permitted on the property?

Please smoke outside of the cabin and yurts. We ask you to smoke well clear of the canvas when staying at the yurts and safely dispose of cigarettes.

Is there a travel cot available?

How do we find the sites?

Is WiFi available?

What is phone reception like on your property?

Are your hot tubs wood-fired or electric?

Do the accommodations have electricity?

Is there an electric car charging point?

Is there a TV?

Are there chickens and vegetables at all the sites?

How far is the car park from each site?

What can you offer to help facilitate a special occasion?

Where is the nearest grocery store?

Where is the nearest fuel station?

Where are the nearest pubs? Which do you recommend?

Do you provide groceries/consumables onsite?

What sort of kids activities are available?

Where do you recommend taking our dog for a quiet walk?

How close are you to the sea?

What beaches would you recommend?

Do you supply wood, or can I buy it from you?

Is your water safe to drink?

Questions about dogs & reactive dogs at The Welsh Farm

Weimaraner lying next to pizza oven with blue sky backdrop

Is the site secure?

Yes the sites are fenced and gated. Unless your dog is a determined escape (burrower or jumper) artist, they’ll be safe and you’ll have peace of mind.

Will we see other people or dogs?

What is the fencing like?

Do you accept Banned Breeds?

Do you accept more than three dogs?

Do you have a walk onsite?

Are you reactive dog friendly?

Cariad mawr

Enjoy x

P.S. Any questions not here - let us know!


June's National Great Outdoors Month brings long sunny days and the perfect excuse to dive into the truly great outdoors. 

Outdoor fire at The Welsh Farm Glamping with beautiful glowing sparks and pizza oven in background

There is no better way to dive feet-first into nature (0-100 in a split second), than by glamping. 

And a glamping getaway at The Welsh Farm is where stunning nature meets a sprinkle of luxury. 

Why? Because everyone deserves a slice of paradise, where they can unwind, reconnect, and feel utterly at peace. 

This post is your go-to guide for planning the ultimate glamping escape in June, tailor-made for those who crave adventure, minus the crowds, with the dogs and a slice of luxury for good measure.

But First, What is Glamping, and Why Does it Matter?

Glamping, or glamorous camping, combines the immersive experience of camping, with the luxury and amenities of a boutique hotel. Over the past decade, it has emerged as one of the fastest-growing hospitality niches. Piquing the curiosity of even the most self-proclaimed camping-adverse city-dweller. 

Glamping getaways are for those who love the idea of sleeping under the stars, but could do without the "roughing it" part. 

In today's fast-paced world, finding a tranquil escape is more than a luxury; it's necessary for mental health, wellbeing, and relationship building. Glamping offers this escape, allowing you to recharge in the heart of nature, without losing sleep, waking up with a bad back or freezing your butt off.

Here's how it works…

How to Plan Your Perfect Glamping Getaway

🍃 Find Your Ideal Spot

Start with where you lay your head. If people-free is a priority, look for secluded glamping sites like The Welsh Farm, offering private, pet-friendly accommodations, just for you, wrapped in nature.

🍃 Timing is Everything

June's the sunshine sweet spot—warm enough to enjoy the outdoors, yet not as busy as the summer holidays. Book mid-week for even more people-free peace.

🍃 Pack Smart

Think light layers for those cool June evenings, eco-friendly toiletries, and don't forget your adventurous spirit! You'll find everything else tucked away at The Welsh Farm Glamping.

🍃 Plan Pet-Friendly Activities

Your dog deserves fun too. We have a list of dog-friendly places and walks to enjoy together - not to mention the woods at the farm, a 20-minute circular walk, exclusively for guests. 

🍃 Savor the Outdoors

Indulge in outdoor cooking, soak in a hot tub under the stars, and gather around a campfire with bottomless wood supplied.

🍃 Embrace Tech-Free Time

Disconnect to reconnect. We would HIGHLY recommend putting away gadgets. Although we don't offer a lock box, taking time out from your screens is therapy like no other. To make the most of your stay and embrace the healing opportunities nature provides, switch off devices and soak in wild serenity and simplicity.

🍃 Wellness First

Did you know that gardening, sitting by a brook or watching the leaves quiver in the trees, helps calm your racing thoughts and increases your feelings of wellbeing? You can fulfill this whole list and more at a stay at The Welsh Farm - without leaving the site. 


3 Top Tips for a Stress-Free Glamping Experience

  • Book Early: June is a gem for glampers. With dates disappearing fast, secure your dates with a 25% deposit to avoid missing out.

  • Check Amenities: Ensure your glamping site has the luxuries you desire. Hot tub? Outdoor kitchen? Dog friendly? We hate to see people disappointed with glamping experiences (when people find out we have a glamping site, they tell us all their horror stories… make sure you ask GOOD questions before you book!)

  • Leave No Trace: Embrace sustainability. Leave your site as untouched as when you arrived.

Clear the buzz of traffic & background noise from your mind and give yourself a break from the constant flow of thoughts rampaging all over your brain. 

All it takes is two nights to shut off information overload and change gear.

Get hooked on the feeling. You will feel refreshed and ready to step back into life with a calm, can-do spirit and a level head. 

It's time to create unforgettable memories on your glamping adventure.

The great outdoors is calling.

It is time.

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