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Over-Aroused Dogs and Holiday Don't Go Hand in Hand

You may THINK this is the rule - but there are always exceptions

Reactive dog enjoying the Country Yurt's space

We get it.

Going away with a hyperactive, constantly-in-a-heightened state of arousal dog is like running on marbles. It’s goes something like this:

The nail-biting starts before you've left home. Will they be alright in the car, or will 4 hours of barking be the radio station?

You pull up to your accommodation only to find there are two other pods very close by and no fence between them.

You groan as you realise it's going to be an inside or on-leash, high pup alert kind of holiday.

"Let's hope they don't have dogs, too", you mutter.

As another dog pops into view, it's off-leash and curious. You brace and ask yourself, is it even worth it?

I know you need a break, and getting one with a reactive dog is H for HARD.

The mental strength you need to manage your dog (and life) to get somewhere can be overwhelming. With so much unpredictability and grey-hair-inducing trauma, it's easier to stay home.

You tell yourself, "just as soon as we iron out these issues, we can go away."

Issues that take time, love and a lot of attention.

In the meantime, you are putting your life on a standstill, let me tell you, there is another way.

You are leaping off the sofa, cushions flying everywhere to grab me and beg to know more, right?

What if you could go away somewhere private, romantic, wild, enclosed, dog-free and full of natural nose-sniffing stimulation?

And have a list of dog-friendly beaches and hideouts that are wild, remote and off gen-pop radar?

The Welsh Farm glamping might just tick a lot of your dog-essential boxes

We have created a beautiful, private and enclosed space. A cosy yurt sits nestled in the middle of an orchard.

It's the perfect place to potter about, stoke up the pizza oven, toast your toes around the outdoor fire and soak for hours in the hot tub.

If your dog is reactive to other humans or dogs, then it is the ideal place to escape.

No stress. No Drama.

Just glamping goodness soaked in peaceful countryside.

The woodland walks on the farm mean you don't have to leave, and a hardly-ever-used Gelliwen hike is right on our doorstep. If you wanted to land and nest for three days, you could.

At the Welsh Farm, your every need is thought of, and every expense is included in your stay, so from firewood to dog beds, we've got you covered.

If you are still not convinced it would work for you and your dog, watch Lorren and Loki's experience here.

Photos by Polka_dot_Loki

Please keep in mind we expect you to be responsible with your dog. We ask all dogs to be on lead around other dogs and people when walking around the farm and in the woods. Please openly communicate with us throughout your stay, especially if you have any issues or concerns.

We want you to have the best experience possible away with your pup!

Check out our review by Dog Furiendly.

P.S. Watch our tour of the Country Yurt on Instagram here ⬇️.


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